Michael Jackson Karaoke
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I know I haven't blogged about my Ukulele in almost a year. I haven't stopped playing ... well there was a period of time it sat in the corner of my room but I till picked it up from time to time. Anyways, I mentioned that I do Karaoke at the local park, well the season just started a few weeks ago and I finally went yesterday to sing my first song of the year. They don't sign up the singers until 15 minutes before the show and they only sign up 6 songs per show, so I was there 20 minutes to make sure i was in the front of the line since I didn't want to wait for the next show. As I'm standing there waiting, I see 2 in the distance walking my direction 2 Michael Jacksons. One was Michael Jackson from the Beat It music video and the other was Michael Jackson from the Bad music video. We were the first 3 songs for the show. The host, Jumoke, always sings a song to start off, so he picked another Michael Jackson song making 4 songs by the King of Pop in a row. I had to record all of them ... and then trim the video to 4 for posting on YouTube. Jumoke even closed the show with 1 more Michael Jackson song asking for all the Michaels to come up on stage with him. Now if only Disneyland had a Karaoke show (and I lived in Southern California instead of San Jose)


Curiouser and Curiouser
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Continuing my Disneyland visit during it's 50th Anniversary I found near the Tea Cups a very curious display. I was so excited to see a full display instead of just a square picture in a display like Small World I didn't think to ask the kids to move while I took the picture.

Happy 4th of July
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I didn't see fireworks last night for the 4th, but i did go to my local park on Sunday for their fireworks. Probably the shortest fireworks show I've seen followed by the longest exit of a parking lot. Can't really hear the music on the video but I come for the rockets anyways. Hope to get back to writing about music soon. If I don't catch up I won't be able to write my thoughts in what I've been trying

music and me
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 Hmm, where to start.  I said I was going to give a musical history of myself for my next blog but it seems to me my history is just me weaving back and forth through different venues of music.  

I suppose I should start with grade school.   I already liked listening to music when I was young and started singing from time to time.  I had 2 friends taking piano lessons back then took a few months of piano myself, but my real love was in singing and I couldn't get myself to practice enough piano to be able to play and sing so my piano skills suffered and eventually ended.  

I participated in a kids church choir and eventually in High School joined the school Choir.  I really learned a lot music wise those years, but the biggest thing i learned was how limited my singing range is and how easy it was to get off key trying to sing high and low notes.  I also learned how scarred I get when trying to sing solos on stage.  Despite encouragement from my teachers and peers to pursue choir into college I decided it wasn't the career choice for me and dropped back to just singing on my own. 

In my second year of college I decided to take a class in ballroom dancing to fill up my PE requirements.  I found a new way to express my love of music and kept taking class after class just for fun.  Since this blog series is going to eventually be about my learning the Ukulele and not winning ballroom competitions you could guess I didn't push myself to be really skilled at dancing, but I enjoyed what i did learn.  I still ballroom dance even today but mostly for the love of listening to the music as it has changed over the years.  

A year ago I had 2 things that changed me musically.  The first was buying a season pass to the local amusement park that happens to have a karaoke show 4 times a day 5 days a week over the summer.  The park is closed during the winter and most of Autumn and Spring to match the school age crowd that it draws in.  I enjoyed singing at that show when i had the chance.  I especially enjoyed singing Michael Jackson songs though he's almost an octave higher than I am.  The other thing was being introduced to a Hawaiian restaurant that plays live music once a week.  Mostly it was just the owner on his guitar but a few of his friends joined in on a jam session.  

As the summer was drawing to a close and I started doing less and less karaoke I was thinking i would just be getting back to singing only to myself when an inspiration came to me.  Enjoying the shows at the Hawaiian place i started thinking how much fun it would be to start learning the Uke.

Writer's Block: Dynamite with a laser beam
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What's your favorite line from a song, and why?

At first I tried thinking of lines from Weird Al since I love his lyrics so much but nothing stuck out and struck a chord with me.  I tried thinking about Disney and Broadway songs and had the same problem.  I felt that if i had to really  think about a song and search the net for the lyrics to say what was my favorite it's not really my favorite.  I just really like it.  I then found myself thinking of songs I'm very familiar with that do speak to me and found myself with 2 songs from the late and great king of pop, Michael Jackson.

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror,
I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself
And Then Make The Change
You Gotta Get It Right,
While You Got The Time
'Cause When You Close Your Heart
Then You Close Your . . . Mind!

The other song is "Another Part Of Me" but I mostly like that because of my memories of Captain EO

about me
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 I thought long and hard about what I wanted to write about as my blog.  I'm a little self conscious about writing (and talking) since I'm aware that I tend to suffer from a bad case of foot in mouth and say/write stuff that sometimes gets miss interpreted.  Also I'm a bad speller and have poor grammar.  All my self sabotaging aside I felt it might be fun to just write some thoughts out for fun.  I've read a few blogs from friends and watched a few video blogs from complete strangers and feel writing is better for me.  As for subject, I think I'm probably going to mostly blog on my efforts to teach myself the Ukulele.  My next blog would be on my music history leading up to picking up the Uke followed by a blog on my first few months (ok from the point of view of over half a year of already playing.  so I'm a little late).  I'm not sure if anyone would read this or not, or even if anyone would find this entertaining.  For now, this is just a simple brain dump


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